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Wellness RisingWithin
Massage and Healing Arts


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Text to schedule your appointment: (360) 799-0896

What does optimal health and wellness feel like to your body, mind and soul?  Where does energy flow freely within you, with strength and flexibility?  For many, this journey to optimal health begins at the physical level, seeking relief from tight muscles, poor mobility, tension and pain. Appointment sessions at Wellness Rising Within begin wherever you are at the moment you arrive, with whatever physical, mental, or emotional tensions that are ready or wanting to be released and brought back to balance.

Physical, mental and emotional pain is our body's way of getting us to pay attention to where we need to heal. Postural and fascial imbalances are often at the root of chronic and intermittent physical pain, so re-aligning the body through myofascial release using deep tissue massage techniques and yogic stretching in specific areas is common in many sessions. Structural re-alignment of the body's fascia can relieve headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, back and hip pain, joint pain, tendonitis, and more.

Many healing modalities work in synergy with myofascial release to allow the wellness deep within us to rise.  Craniosacral therapy, yoga, breath work, energy work, and life coaching all work together to facilitate your healing. The multi-sensory experience of aromatherapy and sound healing bring the properties of plant derived essential oils and high vibrational sound energy to sooth the nervous system and sink into deeper relaxation. Craniosacral therapy, originating from osteopathic medicine, is a non-invasive method of relieving tension on the central nervous system.  This gentle modality accesses the physical, emotional, and energetic states of the whole being to restore balance. Private yoga instruction allows each individual to develop a personal yoga practice at a pace and level that builds confidence and motivation.  Yogic breath, or pranayama techniques, may be incorporated with other modalities, while deeper rhythmic breath work journeys are guided by drumbeat to allow access to deeper states of our subconscious.  Reiki and energy work clear and align the chakra energy centers and guided yoga nidra meditations may also be incorporated. 

Ailments such as insomnia, stress, addiction, anxiety and depression are commonly addressed while supporting the whole person through these multiple modalities. When physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies are aligned in balance, the whole body heals, rejuvenates, and allows us to reach our highest potentials.


The clean, professional environment at Wellness Rising Within welcomes you with gentle music, soft lighting, elements of nature, and a comfortable massage table. Conveniently located on the ground floor of the Savoy Building on Main Street in downtown Monroe, Wa, you are greeted with an assortment of teas and beverages as you walk in the door.   Please text to make an appointment.

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