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                      Michelle Taylor

                                                                                                            # MA61154049, Yoga Alliance ID: 405356

Helping people feel their absolute best brings me joy.  Sometimes this means relieving headaches, shoulder, hip, or back pain through myofascial release.  Sometimes it means helping someone increase range of motion and flexibility, or teaching them how specific movements or postures create or relieve tension in the body.  It may also mean soothing internal tension and helping someone release emotional holding or stress.  Helping my clients feel their best always means being fully present for them, listening attentively, understanding fully, and holding them in unconditional positive regard. 

It is of utmost importance that my clients are heard, seen, and understood.  I listen with presence to the goals and needs of each client, then I listen to the tensions found throughout the body, mind and spirit, and let what I find guide the session in each moment, often bringing a combination of modalities that may change over time.   I specialize in a range of modalities including myofascial release, cranialsacral therapy, structural 

alignment, deep tissue massage, Swedish relaxation massage, warm salt stone massage, aromatherapy, TMJD treatment, prenatal massage, headache treatment and reflexology.  I am also a reiki practitioner and energy intuitive, and have been apprenticing for several years with shamanic energy healers.  I am a certified yoga instructor and meditation teacher, and have had a personal practice in these for over 26 years.  

I am continuously learning and implementing new skills and understandings into my bodywork and healing sessions, with continual trainings in structural integration, yoga, transformational life coaching and energy work.  I'm fascinated with how energy moves through the body, mind, and soul, and with how to help each unique person achieve optimum vitality and flow of energy in their life.   


What people are saying:

"Wellness Rising Massage is Monroe's greatest gem.  Michelle Taylor, owner and founder, draws intuitively from multiple healing modalities to provide a truly multidimensional healing experience.  One of her strongest skills is the ability to hold space for her clients in such a way that maintains a delicate balance of nurture and growth, of yin and yang, as to promote a sort of divine ecosystem for the body/soul/spirit to come into precise alignment.  Monroe is lucky to have someone with her varied skillset, keen intuition, and calculated precision over her craft."

Jacob Luplow

"Michelle is great! I love getting massage/body work from her! I have seen a ton of body workers and she is at the top of my list. She has such a great natural ability and can really feel the exact right spots to work on.  Super caring touch - I always feel so centered and rejuvenated after I get a massage from her - strong recommendation!"

Kevin Dodson

"I recently had my first massage from Michelle. I had real doubts it would help my specific situation very much, but I was willing to try anything at that point. I assumed at best I'd buy some time before ultimately requiring another surgery to correct things. Lucky for me, I discovered true talent. I had a wonderful session thanks to her positive upbeat attitude, comforting personality and skills. She is very passionate and genuinely happy to be giving someone a very high quality massage. She was very professional and I was impressed with her attention to detail. I learned a lot about how my body works and why I had pain thanks to her willingness to share her extensive knowledge with me about various pressure points, nerve endings and muscle groups. She was able to apply a perfect amount of pressure at the places needing it. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone who asks."

Anthony Aman

"Michelle gives such a wonderful massage, finding all the hidden places on my body that need to be worked out and released.  She is truly an intuitive healer with a magic touch, very attuned to her clients.  I am definitely making this a regular part of my healing journey."

Susan Moss

"I saw Michelle this week and had a truly impactful session with her. She is well rounded, compassionate and has a vested interest in working with you to achieve your goals. She provides a safe, calm and comforting space for healing and well being.  I'm excited for my next session."

Jamie Lee

"I know I am in good hands when I am with Michelle.  Between her wide array of knowledge and her true compassion for helping others, I get the best treatment that fits my needs."

Jayda Perry

"She’s fantastic at getting to your problem areas and working them out. After I got a massage from her, I could definitely feel that my problem spots were much looser, which helped with my mobility and being able to walk. 100% recommend as she’s very attentive to all of your concerns and needs."

Daisy Leong

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