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Wellness Rising Within

Massage and Healing Arts

Private Yoga Sessions 

Every 0ne-on-one yoga session is tailored specifically for you and no one else.  This is not a typical yoga class, in that you will not simply be led through a sequence of asanas.  This is a yoga lesson intended to teach you how to develop an independent yoga practice to align your mind, body, and soul, and continue this practice at home.  Each session is customized and based on the prior knowledge and experience of the client.  Massage, breath work, and meditation are often incorporated and mixed with yoga sessions.  Short yoga lessons by also be incorporated into bodywork sessions.  Michelle is a certified yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance with training in Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa and Yin.

Meditation Training

Each meditation practice is based on the prior knowledge and experience of the client.  A variety of meditation practices are often mixed into a session with other modalities, such a yoga, life coaching, breath work, or bodywork. Mantras, mudras, pranayama, asanas, kriyas, mindfulness, and guided meditations are incorporated with the goal of helping each client develop a meditation practice that works best for him/her.

Guided Breathwork Sessions

The power of our breath is vast and deep.  It is the gateway to our autonomic nervous system, allowing us to calm into parasympathetic relaxation, or activate powerful visionary states of consciousness. Gentle breathwork is often incorporated into yoga, meditation, coaching, or bodywork sessions, or breathwork can be a deep visionary journey experience, guided by drumbeat. 

Transformational Life Coaching

Where are you ready to grow?  What do you desire, and where do you want your life to go?   Trasformational life coaching guides you to release limiting beliefs and change the habits that keep you blocked from achieving your dreams.  Meditation, breath work, yoga, visualization, bodywork and art are all tools that may come together in your coaching transformation, bringing balance to your life and allowing the wellness within you to rise, and to thrive.

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